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The Essential Tool for Goalie Coaches

Transform Your Training, One Goalie at a Time

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Hockey Goalie App
Hockey Goalie App

Develop Your Talent : Elevate your coaching skills to the next level.


Customize Progression : Tailor training to meet the unique needs of each goalie.


Evolve : Receive feedback to continuously refine your coaching.

Hockey Goalie App

       Unlock      the Potential
of Every Goalie

Realize Your Hockey Vision

Cultivate Excellence, On and Off the Ice

Turn Every Interaction into a Growth Opportunity

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Hockey Goalie App



Connect.Hockey transforms each match into a development opportunity for coaches. Analyze your goalies' play, access personalized statistics, and receive targeted training strategies to turn their challenges into growth opportunities. Our goal? To uncover the hidden potential of each goalie and assist you in guiding them towards excellence.

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For Coaches with Connect.Hockey

  • Maximize Goalies' Potential : Guide each goalie towards enhanced performance in every game.

  • Turn Challenges into Opportunities : Use each goal as a teaching moment, improving your goalies' skills.

  • Document Success : Track each goalie's evolution with a detailed profile and progress journal.

  • Tailored Training : Provide personalized exercises, based on in-game performance, for continuous development.

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    Enhance Collaboration, Unleash Potential

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Bridge Goalies and Coaches, Maximize Potential

Connect.Hockey is more than an app: it's a link between goalies and coaches. Strengthen communication with group discussions, precise performance analyses, and tailored exercises. Every interaction becomes a learning and improvement opportunity, propelling everyone towards excellence.

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Hockey Goalie App

Adele Guy

“I recommend because it keeps our stats up to date. “

William Rousseau

“The Quebec deserves a tool to shape the future of its guardians and coaches. “
Hockey Goalie App

Tommy Leclerc

“It is a complete and very practical application. “

What Connect.Hockey Members Are Saying...

Gain IMMEDIATE access to top tools

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You can earn $10 CAD per year for each referred user who has been a paying member for at least 5 months. Simply invite him via the link in the application or write to us.

Hockey Goalie App
Hockey Goalie App
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