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The World’s #1 Goalie App

Master the Game, One Save at a Time.

Gain IMMEDIATE access to top coaches and tools

Hockey Goalie App
Hockey Goalie App






Hockey Goalie App

   Unlock      Your
True Potential

Realize Your Hockey Vision

Cultivate Excellence, On and Off the Ice

Turn Every Interaction into a Growth Opportunity

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Hockey Goalie App



Connect.Hockey turns each performance into a developmental lesson for goalies. Analyze your play, uncover personalized stats, and receive targeted exercises to turn challenges into growth opportunities. Our goal? To unlock your hidden potential and guide you towards excellence.

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Inspire Your Goalie Potential: Grow with Every Game

  • Embrace Every Challenge: Each goal against is a chance to learn and adapt, enhancing your skills.

  • Chart Your Progress: Celebrate your journey with a personalized profile and diary, marking each achievement.

  • Custom Drills for You: Get exercises crafted from your game, ensuring continuous skill development.

  • Share and Inspire: Connect with peers, exchanging stats and tips, fostering a community of growth.

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    Enhance Collaboration, Unleash Potential

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Bridge Goalies and Coaches, Maximize Potential

Connect.Hockey is more than an app: it's a link between goalies and coaches. Strengthen communication with group discussions, precise performance analyses, and tailored exercises. Every interaction becomes a learning and improvement opportunity, propelling everyone towards excellence.

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Transform Your Goalie Game

The ONLY app dedicated to customized development for goalies and coaches.

Learn from Every Goal

Analyze each goal's details to turn every game into a valuable lesson.

Visible Progress

Your personalized stats show where you excel and where to improve, game after game.

Your Story, Your Victories

Document your journey, from beginnings to peaks reached, in a dedicated diary.

Real-Time Evolution

Each analysis refines your profile, tailoring your training for targeted growth.

Connect and Grow Together

Share experiences and advice in our discussion space, building a community of enthusiasts.

Hockey Goalie App
Hockey Goalie App

Transformative Training

Tailored exercises for constant improvement, accessible anywhere.




Hockey Goalie App

Adele Guy

“I recommend because it keeps our stats up to date. “

William Rousseau

“Quebec deserves a tool to shape the future of its guardians and coaches. “
Hockey Goalie App

Tommy Leclerc

“It is a complete and very practical application. “

What Connect.Hockey Members Are Saying...

Our Plan

All at a price so affordable, EVERY goalie can access it and transform their game!


Personalized Drills: Access tailored off-ice and on-ice exercises to sharpen your skills.

Daily and Weekly Plan: Follow a personalized program designed for your growth.

Game Insights: Analyze your performances for continuous improvement.

Advanced Stats: Get detailed analytics to understand and enhance your play.

Interactive Chat: Engage with a community of goalies and coaches.

Quick Feedback: Receive prompt reviews on your performances, aiding rapid development.

And More: Discover additional features to continuously elevate your game.


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