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Inspiring Goaltenders and Coaches: The Connect.Hockey Journey

From player to innovator: how his passion for hockey and computing led him to Connect.Hockey

Anthony has always had a deep passion for hockey. From my early days in the QMJHL, OHL and ECHL to his time in college hockey, sport has been a constant presence in his life. However, multiple concussions forced him to make a tough decision and walk away from the game he loved.


Our history

Combining Knowledge and Passion:
But his love for hockey persisted and he knew he wanted to find a way to share his knowledge and experience with others. Armed with a bachelor's degree in computer science, he saw an opportunity to combine his technical expertise with his passion for sports.

A spark during the pandemic:
As the world grappled with the challenges of the pandemic, it recognized the growing need for goalie training solutions accessible from home. This realization sparked the creation of a program that would help goaltenders with their drills even in the absence of traditional training environments.

From the program to the mobile application:
Witnessing the positive impact of this initial program, he was pushed to go further. He envisioned a mobile app that would serve as the ultimate resource for goalkeepers, coaches and organizations. Connect.Hockey was born, a revolutionary tool designed to transform goalie training and development.

Proving ground: Lévis, QC:
To ensure the effectiveness of the application and meet real needs, it has partnered with a local organization in Lévis, Quebec. Together they put Connect.Hockey to the test, refining it based on feedback from goaltenders, coaches and administrators. The results were stunning, confirming the app's potential to revolutionize the way goalkeepers train and organizations develop their talent.

Features that drive success:
Connect.Hockey offers a full suite of features designed to meet the specific needs of goalkeepers, coaches and organizations. Live data tracking provides invaluable insight into goalkeeper performance, allowing goalkeepers and coaches to make data-driven decisions. Personalized exercises, accompanied by audio and video instructions, allow tailor-made training programs based on individual goals.

Cooperation and communication:
Connect.Hockey goes beyond one-on-one training by fostering seamless communication and collaboration within the app. Goalkeepers and coaches can engage in direct communication, share their progress and receive valuable feedback, creating a virtual training environment that transcends physical boundaries.

Building a community:
Connect.Hockey isn't just about individual development, it's about building a thriving community of goalies and coaches. By offering free coach accounts, encouraging referrals, and offering affordable pricing options, they aim to make Connect.Hockey accessible to everyone, ensuring that every goalkeeper and coach can benefit from their platform.

Look forward:
The journey does not end there. Connect.Hockey is an ever-evolving project driven by their passion for the sport and a commitment to continuous improvement. They are dedicated to empowering goalkeepers and coaches around the world, helping them unlock their full potential and redefining the way goalkeepers are trained and developed.

Join them on this exciting journey as they revolutionize the world of goalkeeper training. Together, let's write a new chapter of hockey excellence

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Hockey Goalie App
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