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Reach the level of your dreams

Our app makes it easy and fast for goalkeepers to improve

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Access to advanced statistics

The application compares your statistics with those of all users in real time. Find your strengths and weaknesses in no time so you can focus on one or the other during your workouts.


Personalized recommended exercises

The app recommends a series of exercises based on your weaknesses. No more worrying about what to improve, it's all there! The recommended exercises can be chosen in self-service mode or by a 16-week plan according to YOUR profile.


For all levels 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced goalkeeper, the application will adjust according to your level. She will give you everything to follow your progress and improve   your skills for guaranteed success!


A strong community

Evolve within the Connect.Hockey community, it's also the opportunity to be in contact and discuss with hundreds of goalkeepers. The chat room will allow you to celebrate and talk about your successes!

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